No, but the ever goofy fake news tabloid The Weekly World News thinks so. Welcome back, WWN, we barely missed you.

The wacked out Weekly World News is returning this Wednesday to news stands and to the internet, and one of their first stories involves the theory that Prince didn't OD, but faked his death and is working as an Uber driver in Kalamazoo.

The WWN, by the way, also thought Elvis faked his death and was living in Kazoo, Maybe there's a musical collaboration on the way. That would be funnier than the Weekly World News.

** Bigfoot refuses to go to rehab! Oh, crap and he was just in Kalamazoo recently himself! (By the way, that story got more hits than any other story on our web site last week, so we're just as guilty)

** A baby wins a marathon in record time!

** And a shopping mall was found on the moon!

Full disclosure: My Mom subscribed to the Weekly World News and believed most of the stories.

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