Several studies and anecdotal evidence points to one thing -- Michigan State students are consuming less alcohol. A lot less.

Is this just common sense kicking in or is it a sign of the Apocalypse?

According to this report in the Lansing State Journal -- drinking is down at the East Lansing campus, which may put their top 25 status as one of America's top party schools in peril.

Back in 2006, only about 23% of MSU students surveyed as part of the National College Health Assessment reported never drinking or not drinking within the previous month. Last year, that number was about 30%.


The average number of drinks consumed the last time students partied is down, too, from about 5 drinks in 2006 to three and a third in 2016, according to the survey.

So what gives? Why is a Sparty Party less of a guzzle and more of a sip?

Blame the smart phone, says the article:

Today, with social media and text messages, students no longer need to go to bars or parties to keep up with the campus social life. With dating apps, they no longer need to leave the house to flirt.

Local police reports seem to back the data up with both campus police and East Lansing Police reporting less arrests for intoxication.

Alexea Hankin, a writer for the campus newspaper, the State News, recently penned an op-ed on why she chooses not to drink. In it, she revealed a part of campus culture which has turned its back on the drink:

Arriving at MSU, I was afraid I wouldn't make friends because of this personal life decision. Somehow, I was worried that by depriving myself of being the token "Way Too Drunk Girl at Random Frat Party," I could not function as a happy, healthy Spartan.


I was very wrong. those of you who are not fans of alcohol when walking into life at MSU, you are not alone. You are not especially rare, and you are not especially strange either.




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