What is that noise? It's a dude flying a jet pack! But why?

Is The Age Of 'The Jetsons' Finally Here?

You may have noticed the dashing young man flying a jet pack over the Grand River early Tuesday afternoon.

Meghan Bunchman of WOOD-TV was on site along the Gillett pedestrian bridge as the jet pack demonstration flight took place.

The man, dressed in green fatigues stunned the folks walking over the bridge as he flew under it and above it with his hand held jets propelling him through the air.

I've watched the 34 second video over and over again, asking myself, how can I get one?

This particular demonstration was just for the TV cameras, but a more extensive public demonstration is due to take place Thursday, according to Meghan.

Jet Pack Flight Is Part Of The Advanced Manufacturing Expo This Week At DeVos Place

The full public demonstration of the jet pack, which is manufactured by GRAVITY industries is scheduled for Thursday, August 11 at 4:00pm. It's part of the AME running Thursday and Friday from 8:00am until 2:30pm at the DeVos Convention Center. The AME is open to the public with free admission and free 2hr parking passes are available for the first 2000 attendees.

The Jet Pack demonstration will take place at 4:00pm Thursday, as the Jet Pack flyer will take off from Lyon Square and fly over the Grand River between the Gillett and Michigan Street bridges.

GRAVITY Industries Is A British Company About To Launch Their Consumer Jet Packs

Gravity is the brainchild of British founder and test pilot Richard Browning. Their jet packs fit snugly on the pilots hands and he propels them using finger triggers.

Will they soon be on the consumer market? It looks like their desire is to head in that direction. Will it be affordable to me? That remains to be seen, but even at my advanced age, it may be that I will get to ride a jet pack in my lifetime! But I'm not holding my breath.

Live in the Future, with a Little Bit of Bedrock, Complete with Indoor Pond for $400k

Imagine if you will the Jetsons from the future used an interior decorator recommended by the Flintstones, and toss in an indoor koi pond. Got it? Well, here's your house. On the market in Sterling Heights, Michigan for $419,969 ( even the price is uniquely odd), this house is one to see. From the floating staircase to the natural stone slate flooring throughout the 2700 square feet, ultra-modern is an understatement. Take a look inside, and yes...that's a full-on indoor Koi pond on the lower level.



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