A man caught peering into windows on a surveillance camera has left residents in Jenison a little concerned. 

The man, who appeared to have painted his face to avoid detection, was caught on a resident's camera Monday night in the 7500 block of Pine Grove.

According to WZZM-13 News, police are currently reviewing the video and have yet to release a screenshot of the suspicious peeper.

Another woman claims to have had a similar incident Sunday night.

Karla Lewis told WZZM, "I saw him pop out from behind a car and he was like in a dark hoodie, dark pants, and he quick through [sic] his head down looked at the ground."

Lewis also says the video taken Monday on Pine Grove has emerged on a closed Facebook group people in the community frequent. "I realized as soon as I'd watched it, I had seen the guy before down my street."

Police say they are unsure what the man might be up to, and at this time have had no reports of any homes in the area being broken into. Perhaps all of the publicity will make him change his plans, whatever they may be.

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