It's fall, and that means all sorts of new shows are being recorded on our DVRs. Personally, I've added Designated Survivor, Lethal Weapon, and Pitch to my viewing lineup, but I still love my old favorites. came out with a map showing us every state's favorite TV show, and I don't know how I feel about Michigan's...

They compiled their list by pulling a list of the Top 200 TV shows from IMDB, and then used Google Trends to pull data on each of the shows to determine which of them was more popular in each given state than in any other state. This method ensured that no two states would have the same favorite show.

Dexter came in at the number one spot in the Mitten State, which is a little surprising considering how terrible the last season of the show was and the fact that the final episode aired more than three years ago. But, science doesn't lie, I guess, and we Michiganders are big fans of serial killers with a conscience.

What about our neighbors? The fine people of Wisconsin love Castle, folks in Illinois like New Girl, Indiana prefers Supergirl, and those people down in Ohio tend to favor How I Met Your Mother.

So what do you think? Is Dexter really Michigan's favorite show? Did you (or do you) watch it? What's YOUR favorite show?