I'll admit it. It's my own fault. I keep getting sucked into clicking on these messed up maps that tell you the MOST, WORST OR whatever for each state.

But this list of the most hated thing in each state is really the end of the line, because there's no way in hell this is what people in Michigan hate the most.

First, we need to consider the source, which is Hater, a dating app where couples date based on what they HATE!

Okay, that's actually ingenious, because think about it, what gets the most likes and comments on your social media pages?

That's right, hateful or negative comments! So why not pair up with someone who enjoys your hate? You can find love sitting in a coffee shop moaning about how much you despise Game of Thrones!

So yesterday, Hater released the map below to show what topic is hated in each state above all others. According to Hater, Michiganders hate Pride and Prejudice more than anything else.

I'm not sure if that's the classic Jane Austen novel or the acts themselves. I mean I hate prideful people, and prejudice? Who likes that? But I'm pretty sure they mean the book.

In the final analysis, this must mean that Michigan men are showing disdain for a Victorian era British novel in an effort to score points with Michigan chicks, or vice versa. That is a real long stretch. Especially when we can hate real hardcore Michigan stuff like snow, cold Aprils, summer road construction and potholes to get in someone's pants.

Okay, Michigan folks, tell the truth, what are you hating on right now?


Enough about our stupid hate, let's check out what some other states are hatin' on:
Minnesota . . . drinking alone...because who doesn't? I mean if there's no one to get into a fight with after you're hammered, what's the point?

Colorado - 'N SYNC. Really? That's a long standing grudge there, Colorado, because N'SYNC hasn't been a thing in 20 years.

Pennsylvania - People who use money clips. Because those who organize their pockets are a menace to society!

Nebraska - Friendly reminder emails. Who wants to be reminded that their dentist appointment is tomorrow? I do! This is why Nebraskans have crappy teeth.

Nevada - Feminism. My theory on this one is there are options in Nevada to women. Like goats and sheep.

Iowa - Long hair on guys. Is it still 1967 in Iowa? Get over it!

Louisiana - Being the designated driver. This is some hate that I'm sure everyone can agree on, but it's the safe thing to do, something that hasn't sunk in yet in a state where they used to (and maybe still do?) have drive thru Daiquiri stands.

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