posted a list of the most underrated city in every state. And guess what? Their Michigan choice is probably just put together a list of the most UNDERRATED cities in every state. The list is totally subjective, but still, it seems like their travel writers put some real thought into it.

Their choice for Michigan is Manistee.

The once stinky little factory town has grown up into a cute little Lakeshore village with great beaches, recreational activities galore and a gorgeous Riverwalk that connects downtown with the beaches.

Here's what Thrillist's Andy Kryza had to say about the little town that could:

The vast shores of Michigan are dotted with incredible (and very, very rated) beach towns from the palm all the way up to Copper Harbor, but for whatever reason, the small, idyllic little beach town of Manistee falls off the collective radar. It's a damn shame... for the city's status, not for those who have long clandestinely flocked to the little town to explore its vast public beaches. It has everything a quintessential Lake Michigan town demands: Cute little downtown area with good restaurants and a ton of mom & pop shops? Yes, with the Ramsdell Inn, Bungalow Steak & Seafood, and an assortment of tiny diners elevating the scene. A spankin' new brewery? Naturally -- this is Michigan, after all, and North Channel is now pouring its wares downtown. A solid riverwalk from said downtown to the lake, leads to seemingly endless and pristine beaches that avoid the flood of tourists. A nice community theater? Yes, Mom. Yes there is. It's a quintessential lake town, after all. Just don't tell anybody.

Hmmm, the writer's name is Kryza? That didn't hurt, because Manistee's Polish heritage is deep. I'm pretty sure I went to a Polka festival there when I was younger, but it's hard to say. The Polka festivals all become a blur after awhile.

So here's to Manistee, home of the Manistee High School Chippewas and the Manistee Catholic Sabers. If you haven't been there lately, pay it a visit. It's an easy stop on the way to Traverse City, which let's face it, has become a little overcrowded lately.

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

Here are some of Thrillist's more interesting picks . . .

1.  Homer, Alaska . . . which apparently, quote, "rocks a hell of a beach scene."

2.  Sacramento, California . . . quote, "an underappreciated food city."

3.  Duluth, Minnesota . . . a chance to see the Northern Lights and, quote, "monster cinnamon rolls."

4.  Duck, North Carolina . . . quote, "the amenities of an East Coast spring break destination minus the crowding and chain restaurants."

5.  Fayetteville, West Virginia . . . quote, "the ideal home base for rock climbing, mountain biking, and the best whitewater rafting in the east."

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