The photo from a Pulaski Days location is making its rounds around Reddit, but the comments are divided.

The Photo Shows A Man Putting His Hands Down His Partner's Pants

The candid photo first popped up in the Reddit r/trashy subreddit, and later made its way to the Grand Rapids subreddit.

It shows a man waiting in a Pulaski Days line at one of the 14 Halls hosting celebrations over this past weekend. He has his hands placed directly down the pants of his significant other.

The photo has caused an array of different reactions from the commenters to both pages.


'He's Just Checking Her Oil'

While many feel people can do with their hands whatever they want to, as long as they have consent, others feel this public display of affection may have gone too far.

The appropriately named MindYerOwnBusiness said it was just a quick hand check:

What? He's just checking her oil. No big woop.

While CrazyMike thought it all to be innocent hand fun:

My wife will occasionally go for a cheek grab on me like this. Its not that trashy. If him hand was heading down for a mining expedition then yeah that's gross.

The real trashy person is the one snapping pics on people's arses and posting it online with details that could probably be uses to identify them.

hbgwine was all in on the hand fun, to a point:

For his boldness, I want to shake that man’s hand. Uh, on second thought I’ll just salute him.

thealexangus was hoping it wasn't a close relative:


And humanpieceoftoast saw it symbolic of the event as a whole, which is a little too judgy for me:

Pulaski Days always brings out the classiest people in GR

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