Many of us head to bed each night and put our head on the pillow and don't think much about it. But does it matter which direction -- north, south, east, or west -- that your head is pointed? It might!

I should state up front that my mind works in a crazy way. While dealing with insomnia very early this morning, I wondered if maybe the way I was trying to sleep made a difference. Don't ask me why -- because I don't have an answer -- but I began to wonder if the direction you point while laying in bed made any difference in your sleep. I then started to think back to every house I have lived in and figured out which direction I was pointed while laying in my bed.

So I did some online research. We've heard of Feng Shui, which is the art of balancing nature with your environment for a clear flow of energy throughout the home. Apparently there are similar principles that apply in your bedroom. The Indian tradition of Vastu Shastra is similar to Feng Shui but is more about your sleep position than how items are placed around your home.

According to this tradition, there is a favorable sleeping direction!

The Nolah Mattress website breaks down the different directions...

Sleeping Facing North

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, sleeping with our heads facing north could be the reason we are not sleeping well. "As a magnetic being, sleeping with head facing north is like 2 magnets repelling each other as your head is pointing at the positively charged North Pole. This causes stress and illness by disrupting blood circulation." There's a lot going on there! In Hindu tradition they say the soul exits the body by heading North. The deceased will always be pointing North until cremation takes place. If you want some crazy dreams sleeping with your head pointing northward might be the way to get them.

Sleeping Facing East

This is the most favorable sleeping direction. Sleeping this way is said to increase concentration, memory, and bring you quality sleep to make you feel refreshed in the morning. "Your head direction while sleeping east is a source of power in Vastu. It is a sleeping direction that is recharging and can help you resolve inner conflicts by allowing your body to experience full rest and recuperation."

Sleeping Facing West

If you’re sleeping with head facing west you might be a success-driven person who is striving for wealth and fame. "In Vastu, guest bedrooms have the bed facing west so the guest will have restless sleep and not overstay their welcome." (Hmm, not a bad idea -- I'm rearranging my guest room!)

Sleeping Facing South

Sleeping facing south is also a favorable direction to sleep. While sleeping pointed to the south you could experience deep sleep. "Energy will pour into your body, clearing any emotional clutter and filling you with happiness and restful sleep."

The website comes to the conclusion that here in the Northern Hemisphere, the best direction to sleep is with your head pointing to the east. That is how my bedroom is currently configured! In my list of just how my bed has been positioned over the years: Four times my bed had been positioned with my head pointing north, five times to the south, and also five times to the east. How weird that in all my life I have never had my bed positioned so that I have slept facing west.

Who knew that the direction we lay in a bed could make a difference!


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