With Halloween coming up on Sunday, October 31st, it looks like "trunk or treating" is in full swing! Here is an opportunity for you to take out the children for "treats" without going from house to house. Many of these events are even scheduled prior to Halloween -- so you could do several of them!

What is Trunk or Treating?

It is like tailgating for Halloween!  Typically a bunch of parents get together in a school or church parking lot, deck out their trunks with Halloween decorations, and pass out candy. This makes it so much easier, especially for the little kids who don't have to walk as far to get a nice collection of Halloween treats.

When and Where are These Events?

Usually they are scheduled throughout the month of October and they are happening in various locations throughout the area. The website Grand Rapids Kids has taken the time and put together a quite extensive list of some of the "trunk or treating" events in the Grand Rapids area. There are several events scheduled for every day between now and Halloween on Sunday. You can check out their list here.

Halloween Numbers

WalletHub took the time to break down the numbers for Halloween numbers for this year:

  • A projected $10.1 billion will be spent on Halloween.
  • $3 billion will be spent on candy.
  • 66% plan to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.
  • 79% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids.

You can see all of their numbers here.

Are you a "candy scrooge"? A YouGov poll found that 21% of adults pretend not to be home on Halloween so they don’t have to give out any candy. We know you are in there -- sitting in the dark and being very quiet!


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