I'm a Chicago White Sox fan living in Michigan. It's rough. I see about 35 games a year on TV when the Sox are on Channel 9 out of Chicago. Or on the rare occasion they play on ESPN. Most consistently, I can see my favorite team play 17 times a year. When they play the Tigers.

Back when I was a kid, we got Channel 44 out of Chicago. It's a Telemundo station now, but back in 1979, it was the flagship station of the White Sox. With 150 games a year (way before Fox Sports and PASS and all that) and Harry Carey (yes he did White Sox games before he moved to the Cubs) the games were a blast. Harry and a second rate team on the South Side (read:shady) of Chicago made for fun nights. Like 35 years today. If you are baseball fan, you know these 3 words. "Disco Demolition Night"

Give me this over your "Free Bat Night" anytime. Lets go back in time, to the late 70's. A great quote from Mike Veeck, the son of legendary White Sox owner and showman Bill Veeck.
Thanks to my buddy Duffy for the inspiration.

""The great thing was the kids were stoned. Had we had drunks to deal with, then there would have been some serious trouble. The kids were really docile" - Mike Veeck, son of White Sox owner Bill Veeck on Disco Demolition Night ,Comiskey Park Chicago, July 12th, 1979."

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