This date wont happen again for another 100 years. AND one like it wont happen for 89 years. 12/13/14!

So maybe you should buy a lottery ticket. Or get married. Or at least have a bagel at 9:10:!1 on 12/13/14! Or not!

"If a person has a heart set on commemorating the next 12/13/14, make sure that heart can stand another 100 years on earth to make it to Dec. 13, 2114. For cryogenic fans, it's 1,000 years until 3014. A sequence comes sooner for math nerds with pi. The day is mere months away on March, 14 (Get it? 3.1415 ….)

The dates represent a lucky list of number for some gamblers and certainly a memorable birth date for others. Lottery players looking for a bit of extra luck love these kinds of quirky number combos. On Sept. 11, 2002, the winning numbers in New York State's Pick 3 game were 9-1-1. A total of 5,631 people picked the winning sequence; the combination was picked so many times, the numbers were closed out."

So If I'm not at work Monday, you know why!

Claudio Divizia/ThinkStock
Claudio Divizia/ThinkStock

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