It's 19 days until Christmas. The over saturation of the holiday is here. Wall to wall TV commercials. The 16 pounds of ad inserts in the Sunday paper. The constant whine of "but it's not THAT expensive! And I have been really good this year!" The Euro is failing overseas. Suh shouldn't have been suspended. Michigan State got robbed in the BCS. It still really hasn't snowed yet, at least for Michigan. And yet still, everything is good with the world now. Why?

Because "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was on actual, over the air, free TV last night. Yes I could have watched it on You Tube. I could buy the DVD and watch it whenever. But there's something about making time to watch something on the Networks' schedule, and not mine, that is appealing and a throwback. I made the kids sit down and watch. For me, the Season actually starts when Linus explains what Christmas is all about.

That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.