My "list", Craigslist, always has some fun entries. Whenever I see ones that are worthy, I post them here. Here is another in my ongoing series "Best of Craigslist" Remember, everytime you use Craigslist, I get a cut. So use it early and use it often!

Here's is a listing from the Grand Rapids Craigslist in the Free section. Who doesn't like free stuff? I love it! Here is the listing

"As posting title stated, guessing at size, has big tear out or something there, about 5' or so, otherwise fair condition. not a tall length. If you're able to repair them, they're all yours, just felt they shouldn't be thrown away. They're not mine, just some that were part of another deal.
Sorry, but thanks to imaginative spammers, you'll need to put "Carhart " in your subject line for me to respond via email"

Crotchless Carhart pants! Yes!


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