Yesterday marks two years since Farmington Hills, Michigan native Danielle Stislicki went missing. Two years, and in that that police still have yet to find a suspect and her family is still left hurting, sad, and puzzled as to how and why their loved one disappeared. A reward for information about her whereabouts has reached $129,000, as police are now desperately trying to close this unsolved case, with positive news rather than bad.

The 28-year-old was last seen leaving her job at MetLife in Southfield in 2016, where a former security guard, Floyd Galloway Jr., also worked. He is considered a person of interest in her disappearance, as he is currently serving 16-35 years in prison, after admitting to strangling and sexually assaulting a jogger in Hines Park in Livonia just a few months before Danielle's disappeared. Hines Park has been searched by police multiple times, but with no leads.

If anyone has information on Danielle Stislicki's disappearance, please call the Farmington Hills police command desk at 248-871-2610



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