You can't swing any NUMBER of dead cats around a TV these days without seeing a political ad.

I watched the news the other night, and all but two commercials were political ads. The other two were car dealers; I know.

Sometimes the ENTIRE two- or three- or 47-minute breaks were all for the same candidate.

There were two from him or her, and they approved the mud slinging, negative and foul message being broadcast, and two from some political action group "not endorsed by any candidate or party". And those candidates? Short of saving us from nuclear war and soap scum, they will "repeal Obamacare, fix the roads, cut the taxes, create more jobs with their bare hands, and rid our towns of pests and vermin" And the other candidate? Well they "voted with their own party and political beliefs, bought mushrooms and golf courses, wasted our money and fooled around on their spouses".

Thank God it get's whittled down by half today. Vote, for the love of God, vote. If not, there might be a tie. And then we will have to see this all over for the next 3 months

On the other hand, here's the funniest fake political ad ever.

It's from a TV show called "The State" that was on MTV back in the 90's. I don't have the video, because MTV's parent company Viacom are sniveling little legal weasels and won't let it be on YouTube. So here are the words to it. And a picture of Micheal Ian Balck portraying Senator Martin Cavanaugh. Man, I wish I could have found the video. So funny.

Read this, then go vote 55 times, just to be safe.

"Senator Martin Cavanaugh thinks automatic rifles should be available to pre-pubescent girls with epileptic conditions.

"Arnold Brown doesn’t.

"Senator Cavanaugh voted for rabid pit bulls to be doused in gas and set loose in this city’s Alzheimer wards.

"Arnold Brown voted against it.

"Senator Cavanaugh thinks breathing out his back, and changing his name to Sir Jaervy Barzenblatz would be the best way to cure marsupials of their pouches.

"Arnold Brown doesn’t waste his time with such nonsense. But he does use a colostomy bag.

"Senator Martin Cavanaugh. A complete lunatic, but at least he doesn’t crap through his stomach into a bag."

MTV's 'The State,' Owned by Viacom.
MTV's 'The State,' Owned by Viacom.

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