In my humble opinion, the best pizza in town is at Freds. My old boss from Putt Putt mini golf in Kalamazoo, Matt Jensen, led me to the holy grail that is Fred's back in the 80's. He would bring take and bake pizza home from Freds and would bring it in to work. Mmmmmm Freds!

Freds is celebrating it's 50th anniversary today! They have had a special all week of one dollar spaghetti and 50 cent cokes. From their Facebook Page

"We are proud to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with you, our valued and loyal customers. August 12-15, 2013
To say a big Thank You to our great customers we are offer an Anniversary special Monday - Thursday. Spaghetti for $1.00 and 16oz Coke for .50 Thank you for 50 wonderful years!"

I know what's for dinner tonight! Congrats Freds!