As the days get shorter, the national days get a little more out there.

Cheese, yum. Potatoes, yum. Pasta, yum.

The humble pierogi, according to Mrs. T's Pierogies:

First debuted in America a little over 100 years ago, no one would have expected that there would be a day dedicated to celebrating them, except for maybe Mary Twardzik -- the Mrs. T -- and her son, Ted. For years, Mary and her friends would gather around the kitchen table to make pierogies for their church. Seeing how popular they were, Ted suspected they would surely be a hit at his local grocery store. So, on October 8, 1952, he produced the very first samples of Mrs. T's Pierogies; and the rest, as they say, is history."

So my question to you is: How YOU plan to celebrate "National Pierogy Day"?

With your closest friends, as Mrs. T's Pierogies suggests? Or maybe a quiet affair at home with you, your loved ones, and the kids gathered around the pot of boiling water waiting for these little drops of heaven to dry and cool off enough to eat?

No matter how you enjoy pierogies, be sure to slow down and enjoy the day. And remember the meaning of season. ;)

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