Remember hearing about the women in Kalamazoo who all felt their drinks had been tampered with? Well its not just women who's drinks are getting drugged.

When I was kid I heard about things like the Spanish Fly, roofies and later in life I heard about GHB and the sad thing is, all three of these are date rape drugs.

I hate using the word "traditionally", but traditionally is has been men that were spiking women's drinks and it is wrong and illegal but it seems to keep happening more and more.

I have known several girls that have come out to see my band play and the next time I see them they tell me about not remembering leaving the club, or passing out in the club or in their vehicle in the parking lot so unfortunately this is much more common than it ever should be.

Well according to WOOD, it looks like the tables have turned and in party cities up and down the coast of Florida in towns like Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami, where women are picking up dudes and spike their drinks then they rob them.

Since this is already happening in Florida, my guess is its happening in other cities as well. Grand Rapids has a pretty big night life and its only a matter of time before it happens here as well and may have already happened.

A victim in Florida says he is a hundred percent sure he had been drugged. He say he woke up, his wallet and phone were gone, the women emptied his bank accounts and even opened a credit card using his info.

Guys are suckers for a pretty face so its probably real easy to pull this off.

There have been other cases of men getting drugged and have their jewelry and cash stolen.

So gals and guys, when you are out drinking with friends or by yourself, it is very important to know where your drink is all times and you may want to just keep it in your hands to be safe. I would even be leery about anyone you don't know handing you a drink who is not a bartender or a waitress.

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