UPDATE: Police say the bear has been safely relocated back to its natural habitat.

It's the time of year when we hear of black bears ending up in unexpected place. A few years back, there was the infamous "West Side Bear" near the zoo in Grand Rapids. One also visited southeast Grand Rapids back in 2019.

In April a bear broke into a chocolate shop in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area.

Basically, bears are waking up as it warms up and they are HUNGRY. Bears make their way into cities because of easy access to human food sources.

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On Thursday, police warned residents of a bear spotted wandering through town Ludington, Mich.

The Ludington Police Department says it responded to a report of the bear in the area of Tinkham Avenue and N Sherman Street, near the Ludington School Forest Trails.

They advise residents to be careful and stay away from the bear. Police are hoping to safely escort the animal out of town.

The Mason County Sheriff's Office also chimed in about the "City Bear".

9&10 News also shared video of the bear gallivanting in the streets of Ludington.

Last year there were over 250 bear nuisance reports in Michigan. Here are some safety tips from the Michigan DNR on how to avoid bear encounters.

A reporter from Fox 17 is on the ground as the search for the bear continues.


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