Are you good at skipping stones across the water? There is a stone skipping competition coming up on July 4, 2024 you still have time to enter.

Stone Skipping

Anytime me and my son are near a body of water and there is a flat stone you better believe we are sending it across to see how many skips we can get.

If you haven't skipped a stone, you only need a flat rock and calm water. With your throwing arm it is best to throw it side-armed (I know your pitching coach would be angry) and fire it across the water so the flat surface hits first and you should get a few skips up to several if you are lucky. The water doesn't need to be calm but it sure helps.

The best I have ever done is around 13 when I was a kid. Since then I have never been able to string more than 8 or 9 skips in a row. If skipping rocks is something you are good at there is a competition coming up you will want to know about.

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Stone Skipping Tournament - July 4, 2024

The annual "Stone Skipping & Gerplunking" competition will return for the Fourth of July weekend on Mackinac Island. All ages can compete since there are multiple divisions.

The event is called the W.T. Rabe Stone Skipping Competition and will begin at 9 a.m. Competitors will skip for a trophy. The Gerplunking Division is for those 5 and under. The Pebble Division is for those 6 to 12. There is an open division for those 13 and up which is where most people wind up. There is a professional division but this is by invitation only.

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Most pros hope to get 20 or more skips but a recent champ had 30. The world record is 88 skips and that is insane. If you would like to learn more about competition click here. You can register on the day of the event.

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