Grand Rapids Improv Festival 2022

The Grand Rapids Improv Festival is back for its 8th year! The Grand Rapids Improv Festival(or GRIF) is a three-day improvisational comedy event near the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

What is Grand Rapids Improv Festival?

GRIF 2022 is bringing troupes from all over the Midwest and beyond to showcase their talents in performances and workshops. GRIF is produced by a small committee of local comedians and powered by the community, both by volunteers, and performers alike.

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Where is Grand Rapids Improv Festival?

All GRIF 2022 events are being held at The Comedy Project in Grand Rapids. The Comedy Project is the newest comedy theater and training center in Grand Rapids. TCP is located at 540 Leonard St NW suite B, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, in the heart of the West Side of Grand Rapids. The entrance of the theater is on the south side of the building, off of Quarry Avenue. There are signs to point comedy-goers in the direction of the parking lot and main entrance.

Grand Rapids Improv Festival Lineup

Opening night for GRIF is Thursday, October 13th at 8 p.m. and will feature some Grand Rapids best troupes along with Detroit Musical Improve Troupe: The Family Jewels and Chicago Duo Improñol.

  • Family Jewels Farewell Tour (Detroit, MI)
  • Improñol (Chicago, IL)
  • Tiny Breakfast (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Shallow Water Blackout (Grand Rapids, MI)

GRIF's Friday night's two shows will feature a variety of improv; including one of Chicago's #1 Improv Troupes, Hitch * Cocktails, who bring you through an improvised thriller and drinking game.

Featured in the 8 pm show will be:

  • Hitch * Cocktails (Chicago, IL)
  • Clenched Cheeks (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Cash & Carry (Ferndale, MI)

Featured in the 10 pm show will be:

  • Broken Pencil Improv (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • Big Fun Social (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • A Full Car (Ferndale, MI)
  • Salsation Theater (Chicago, IL)
  • GRIF's Saturday night shows will feature mainly visiting troupes!

    Featured in the 8 pm show will be:

  • Hitch * Cocktails (Chicago, IL)
  • Like Father, Like Son (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Cash & Carry (Ferndale, MI)
  • Featured in the 10 pm show will be:

  • Patty & Patty (Ferndale, MI)
  • Doggie Daycare (Detroit, MI)
  • The Bureau (Ferndale, MI)
  • Vermin Melville (Toronto, ON)
  • Grand Rapids Improv Festival Workshops

    Saturday, October 14th gets kicked off at 11 am with Jessica Landis from Hitch * Cocktails. In this two-hour workshop, you can learn about infusing scenes with the stakes and suspense of genre films. Exercises based around the work of David Fincher, Agatha Christie, and Alfred Hitchcock will help participants get in the habit of gifting details, responding honestly to twists, and finding the motivations behind motives.

    Then from 2 pm to 4 pm, you can start making BOLD STARTS AND STRONG MOVES with Hitch * Cocktails' Bruce Phillips. This class is for novice and experienced improvisers alike, this popular class features tailored individual notes and critique, focusing on initiating and reacting strongly while making truthful choices that come from a place of strength, not fear.

    Grand Rapids Improv Festival Tickets

    Tickets cost $15, and the workshops are $20
    Find all the details on showtimes and tickets here

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