Every time I see a lost pet post, it breaks my heart. Well, we can do something to help!

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Kent County Animal Shelter is currently at code red. On August 16 they shared there were 148 animals at the shelter, with more than 40 of the cats and dogs being strays, just waiting for their families to find them.

Let's help get the word out!

If you are missing a pet or know someone who is, the Kent County animal shelter is asking you to call them at (616) 632-7300 or stop in to their location at 740 Fuller Ave. NE in Grand Rapids.

They also encourage anyone who has lost or found a pet to upload a photo to Petco Love Lost. Petco uses pet facial recognition to send you alerts for similar looking animals.

Anyone can help Kent County Animal shelter by sharing this info to your local Facebook neighborhood groups, dog park pages, and community pages.

Here are photos of all the lost pets at Kent County Animal Shelter.

Kent County Animal Shelter
Kent County Animal Shelter

If you are looking to adopt a cat or dog, now is the time! The Clear the Shelters event is going on through the end of August and adoptions are just $17. Head to Kent County Animal Shelter to find your new best friend! You can see all the adoptable animals here.


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