This week was perhaps one of the most Michigan weeks in history, where we had one of the most chaotic weeks of weather on record. In 24 hours, we had a tornado, a thunderstorm with tennis ball-sized hail, and a nearly 55-degree drop in temperature to give us the worst whiplash imaginable. I was wearing shorts on Tuesday.


In February.


Record Warm Temperatures Expected In Chicago
People were really walking around like this in February. / Getty Images


You'd think there is no way this confounding day could have been topped. However, another day gives this very out-of-season day a run for its money: March 21st, 2012. Let us take a trip down memory lane.


A Very Hot March

Now, while February is more winter than March, March in 2012 was also a memorable month due to how freaking hot it was. Back-to-back days, the 21st and 22nd broke the records for the hottest days in March. In fact, from Monday to Thursday, there were highs in the 80s, with Wednesday the 19th being 86°F. March usually has a high of 46°F and a low of 28°F.


Graph detailing the weather history in Grand Rapids in March 2012
From Wunderground


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February tends to average highs of 34°F and lows of 20°F, so the range between the average and the high of 74°F we had on Tuesday is nearly the same as the range of the March temperatures, however, this week's 24-hour whirlwind of experiencing nearly every weather condition possible wins the gold in the Bizzare Michigan Weather Olympics.


Great Lakes See Record Low Ice Coverage
The Great Lakes are experiencing record-low ice coverage. / Getty Images


I can't wait to see what else this "winter" has in store for us.


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