Summertime is arriving in West Michigan, and if you're like most parents you're probably encouraging your kids to get off the video game console and go outside to get some "fresh air". But, before you do that: are you sure they're being safe as possible?

Happy kids in the park

Wearing a helmet is one of the easiest ways you as a parent can prevent a catestrophic injury from happening to your child. It only take a split second spill or crash to leave a kiddo in bad shape. But, protecting your noggin can prevent an ego bruise from becoming something much worse.

If affording or finding the right fit for a helmet is keeping your kiddo from being safe, you'll want to keep Saturday June 1st free for the 9th annual Lids for Kids.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

From 10a - 2pm, you'll be able to join experts at Garfield Park in Grand Rapids as they help fit your child for a helmet, entirely free! Stop guessing and hoping your child is safe, when you can have a professional opinion on if that helmet fits or not.

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If for some reason you're unable to make this event, there are three total Lids For Kids events in West Michigan. One in Traverse City, another in Lansing and the one right here in Grand Rapids. If you want to learn more information, check out their website for safety tips and future events.

Have fun, get outside, and make sure you have a helmet to keep you (and your little ones) safe!

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