During the winter, Michigan always looks like a Christmas wonderland. Between our natural pines, large snowfalls, and trains galore it's easy to see why Christmas movies like The Polar Express are set here. But, soon we'll have another Michigan Christmas movie to add to our resume.


The upcoming movie, Christmas on the North Pole Express is being filmed at the steam Railroading Institute in Owosso.

It's a big screen adventure sharing the journey of the main character's past, present and future on each train car as she comes home to her small town.

And while it may not have any Michigan stars you'll recognize in the cast, the movie does take place on the Pere Marquette 1225. If that name doesn't ring a bell, it should: It's the same train that they used in the 2004 Christmas classic, The Polar Express.

Warners Bros via YouTube
Warners Bros

The Pere Marquette was built in October 1941 for the Pere Marquette Railway, where it ran the tracks in Ohio and Michigan for over 10 years, until 1951.


The locomotive is also used these days for the "North Pole Express," which is Christmas themed excursion train that runs from Owosso, Michigan, to Ashley, Michigan every year.

Want to be in the movie?

While it's cool enough that they're filming a Christmas movie here in Michigan, you also have your chance to be a part of history by being an extra in one of their bigger scenes. Production is preparing to shoot a big wedding scene and needs people for all of the fun.

If you are interested in being an extra in 'Christmas on the North Pole Express,' you can send an email to SLKFilms@gmail.com

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