My wife Lindsey is one of the smartest people I know.

Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh

Every weeknight she has to watch Jeopardy.

A few years ago she actually got the chance to fly out to California and play on the show.

The other night we were watching an episode of Jeporady and a question came up involving dow chemical.


Dow Chemical Napalm B

Dow Chemical is known for producing consumer goods like Saran Wrap, but it's also infamous for manufacturing napalm B, the variant of napalm used in the Vietnam War.

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What Is Napalm?

Napalm is a weaponized mixture of chemicals designed to create a highly flammable and gelatinous liquid. It is a fiery tactical weapon that can stick to targets like no other incendiary weapon.

Napalm Bomb
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When Was Naplam First Used?

Napalm was used before the Vietnam War, most notably in the incendiary bombs that devastated large swaths of Japanese cities during World War II, including some 60 percent of Tokyo.

B29 Bombing
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Dow Chemical Became The U.S. Military Supplier For Napalm

In 1965 the Pentagon requested bids from the 17 U.S. companies that made polystyrene; one of the winning bids was from a small company based in Midland, Michigan, called Dow Chemical.

Dow Chemical Reported To Be In Merger Talks With DuPont
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During the Vietnam War, Dow Chemicals was the sole supplier of napalm for the American armed forces from 1965 to 1969 the management of the company decided that its "first obligation was the government.

After news reports of napalm B's deadly and disfiguring effects were published, Dow Chemicals experienced boycotts of its products.

No To Vietnam
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In 1969, the company ceased production of napalm B.

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