The Fourth of July has come and gone, and technically all of us should be out of fireworks.

But, we all know that just because Independence Day is over doesn't mean some pyros won't be out there lighting up the sky tonight even after the law says they shouldn't.


In fact, that didn't stop some insane person in my neighborhood (Alger Heights) from shooting off fireworks until 2:30am last night even though the rule says you should respect your neighbors who work and wrap it up (by a very reasonable) midnight.

And while Michigan has one of the longest windows of time for people to shoot off consumer grade fireworks (June 29th - July 4th) that won't stop some jerk from going wild tonight to get rid of the rest of their stash.

So what can you do if one of your neighbors decides to light up the night sky when you're trying to get some rest tonight?

You may be tempted to do what this guy in Florida did awhile back, but it's not your best bet

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Michigan law does allow you to file a report against them since they are breaking a law. I don't normally condone "being a Karen", but if you're like me and have a baby/dog/ or a loved one who is sensitive to fireworks, you have all the right to make it stop after the holiday is over.

Michigan law states that you should contact your local police or law enforcement agency if this happens to you. However, you should try to use their non-emergency line so you don't cause issues with people who may have a life threatening incident at the same time somewhere else.

Credit: TSM, Canva
Credit: TSM, Canva

Those found doing this will not only have to talk to the police, they also face a fine of $1,000 for breaking the law.

And there are repercussions if your neighbors cause chaos on the off days of fireworks... When fire-related illegal fireworks result in property damage, injury, or death of another person, those responsible could face a misdemeanor or felony that is punishable by five years in prison and/or fines of up to $10,000.

So don't start a neighborly war, instead hold on to those fireworks until the next time you're allowed to shoot them off which is the Saturday and Sunday before labor day.

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