Before I go into my little West Michigan PSA about drivers that don't have headlights on at night, I would like to state for the record that I myself am a terrible driver. Some of my big offenses include speeding and accidentally leaving my turn signal on because I can't hear it clicking, thanks to loud music for the hearing loss.

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With that being said I don't understand how drivers in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and around the state struggle with something as basic as driving with your headlights on when it's dark.

Hey Grand Rapids Drivers! Could You Please Turn On Your Headlights?

Five days a week I'm up at the butt crack of dawn driving into the Mix 95.7 studios in downtown Grand Rapids. Recently I've been seeing more and more cars driving in these early morning hours WITHOUT ANY HEADLIGHTS. 

Is It Against The Law In Michigan To Drive Without Headlights When Dark?

Michigan law says that

"every vehicle upon a highway within this state, at any time from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise, and at any other time when there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of 500 feet ahead, shall display lighted lamps and illuminating devices as hereinafter respectively required for different classes of vehicles, subject to exceptions with respect to parked vehicles as hereinafter stated."


Why Are People In Grand Rapids Driving Around Without Any Headlights On?

My guess is several things... One is that some late-night or early-morning drivers might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I can't understand how someone can get behind the wheel without being able to see in front of them and not notice.

Jon Schulte/ Thinkstock
Jon Schulte/ Thinkstock

Another thing could be user error when it comes to using automatic lights. These lights are set to turn on with a sensor that's inside the car, but it's possible to accidentally bump it and turn the automatic lights off.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I'm not sure if my theories are right or wrong, but I know it's dangerous and it might be a good idea to check your headlights before you take off to your next destination.

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