Michigan had a big night on the April 30, 2024 episode of the long-running game show Wheel of Fortune!

Not only was one of the contestants, Marie, from Michigan (Owosso, Michigan, to be precise), but a Michigan city was also the answer to the $2K toss-up puzzle that started the show!

Grand Rapids, Michigan Featured As Answer on Wheel of Fortune

When the puzzle first popped up, with the category "On the Map" it looked like this:

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ S
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kimberly, a contestant from Florida, buzzed in almost immediately but didn't actually know the answer to the puzzle.

As more letters started to be revealed, the answer suddenly became a lot more clear (especially to us native Michiganders).

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It was at the point that the puzzle appeared like this on the board that the puzzle was finally solved.

_ R _ _ _ / R A _ I D S
M _ C _ I _ _ N

Who Solved the $2K Toss Up on Wheel of Fortune on April 30?

Surprisingly, it wasn't our friend Marie from Owosso who buzzed in and got the puzzle correct. Instead, it was Russ (from Ohio of all places) who buzzed in and gave the correct answer - Grand Rapids, Michigan.


How Did Marie From Owosso, Michigan Do on Wheel of Fortune?

Even though she missed out on the $2K Toss Up to start, Marie actually did quite well for herself throughout the course of the game.

In fact, she expertly solved the Crossword Puzzle (which, I'll be honest, I probably would not have gotten at the point at which she did.)

In the end, Marie racked up $10,163 in cash and prizes (including a trip to Puerto Rico)!

SPOILER ALERT: (Seriously, I'm about to tell you who won.)

It was actually Russ, our friend who solved the Grand Rapids puzzle successfully, who ended up being the contestant who made it to the bonus round.

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