A Grand Rapids woman's trust in a potential buyer on Facebook Marketplace was shattered when her car was stolen during a test drive.

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The woman, who wished to go by Mendez says she met with a man to sell her 2012 Toyota Rav4 vehicle through Facebook Marketplace.

Credit: Fox 17 via YouTube
Credit: Fox 17 via YouTube

After agreeing to let the man take the car for a short test drive, he never returned.
The woman talked with Fox 17 about having her car stolen

"It's a very violating feeling. You know you don't trust people as much anymore. You're always looking over your shoulder."


Credit: Fox 17 via YouTube
Credit: Fox 17 via YouTube


Many people might ask why didn't she or someone go along for the test drive.

Mendez said she was going to have her son ride along but the man refused so instead she snapped a picture of what she thought was his driver's license, turns out it was just an identification card.

After failed attempts to contact the man who took the test drive and never returned she filed a report with the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Mendez was going to take the money from selling her car and put it towards helping her parents out.

This incident highlights the risks of selling a vehicle or anything else to strangers online.

Experts advise meeting in a public place, never letting a potential buyer test drive the car alone, and being cautious of anyone who seems overly eager to take the vehicle for an extended period.

If you have info related to the car theft, Mendez says to message this TextNow number: (616)-369-7844.

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