A West Michigan humane society took to social media on April 9 to make a plea to the community after a dog was abandoned outside of their facility.

Harbor Humane made a post on Facebook Tuesday morning showing a small dog that had been abandoned in the back of their facility sometime between when they closed the following evening and when they opened that morning. The adorable pup was tied to a sign that asks people not to abandon their pets there.

The sign says,


Wait Until Business Hours

Fee For Bringing An Animal to HHS

For The Sake Of The Animal Please Be Humane.

Harbor Humane via Facebook
Harbor Humane via Facebook

Two hours after posting the photo, it had already been shared nearly one hundred times. Some folks took to the comments stating that perhaps the poor pup was abandoned because the person couldn't afford the fee.

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Does Harbor Humane Charge a Fee for Owner Surrender?


Harbor Humane further clarified saying that there is NOT a fee to bring a stray to their facility, however, they do ask for a surrender fee if it is an owner surrender. They say that they understand that people have to give up their animals for all sorts of reasons and do their best to work with families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

They said that they had actually removed all outdated signage with this type of verbiage from the front of the building so it would not deter people from bringing animals to the shelter.

Part of the reason that Harbor Humane has a procedure for owner surrenders is so that they can get needed information about the animal. This is so they can provide them with the care that they need and are able to place them in their new forever homes more easily.

If you are the person who left the dog, or if you know anything about the dog, you are asked to contact Harbor Humane by email at office@harborhumane.org

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