While the world of competitive food eating is full of people trying to take home the crown, there is one man who has become a household name by scarfing down as many hot dogs as he can each Fourth of July.

Professional Eaters Compete In Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
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And while it isn't Independence Day weekend, #1 in the world competitive eater Joey Chestnut is putting on his crown and coming to challenge some local celebrities in Michigan this weekend.

He made an announcement on the Great Lake Loons instagram account recently saying that he's making his way to their game against the West Michigan Whitecaps on Friday August 11th to challenge some Michiganders who think they can beat him in an eating challenge

While, I want to root for my fellow Michiganders, Joey is the GOAT at eating with 16 wins in the Nathan's Hot Dog eating championship, which has landed him the most wins of anyone in history.

You'll be able to hang out with the legend himself during the game, then after the Great Lake Loons and the West Michigan Whitecaps take each other on, you'll be able to watch Joey Chestnut take on several Michigan Celebrities who (possibly foolishly) think they'll be able to take him down.

The game will be kicking off at 7:05 in Midland at Dow Diamond. You can get details, and tickets right now on their website or pick yours up at the gate if you'd like to attend this insane baseball challenge.

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