What's up Brother?!

It's hard to avoid the catch phrases of TikTok star and Twitch streamer, TheSketchReal (aka Sketch). His contagious personality and hilarious antics have brought him to the national stage over the past few months, leaving kids and families quoting him non-stop.

And that national attention brought the streamer to all of our timelines, also has given him a unique opprotunity. Since he's known for streaming Madden, the NFL invited him to Michigan to be a special guest. He is slated to announce a Houston Texans draft pick this weekend, but he may not be able to now.

Apparently trying to have a few "Special teams. Special plays. Special players." caused Sketch to injure himself ahead of the NFL Draft this week in Detroit. During a live stream on Wednesday, he was filming a bit with fellow streamer IShowSpeed when things went sideways, and he tore something in his leg. He was immediately taken off the field to seek treatment

But, on his way off the field he was still trying to be in good spirits, and even made a joke about having the EMTs pass him the aux cord for the ride to the hospital.

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As of now, there is no word on if he'll be able to attend the Draft now, or if he's going to be out for the count, but we are rooting Sketch on for a quick and easy recovery. Oh, and we're sorry for cussing about possibly missing him tonight during the Draft.

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