I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan.

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One of my core childhood memories will always be enjoying a Vernors.

Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh

We would drink them during a summer cookout at my great aunt and uncle's cottage.

Grilling time!

Or when I was sick as a kid, my mom would crack open a can and I'd sip on it with crackers and chicken noodle soup while watching The Price Is Right.


I'm not sure if the FDA would agree, but Vernors has some kind of medical healing properties inside those cans and bottles that make you feel better.

Have You Heard About Vernors Gnome Mobile?

Today in a meeting, my boss Eric shared a picture of the Gnome Mobile and everyone cracked up wondering if that was my dad.

Greg LaLiberte via Facebook
Greg LaLiberte via Facebook

It wasn't my dad, but according to Thrillist, In 1968, a Vernors advertising artist (Ron Bialecki) decided to grow out his beard and become the gnome (a.k.a Noble Fellows).

Ron decked out a yellow AMC Pacer in Vernors swag, including a barrel, called it the Gnome Mobile, and became the unofficial mascot at James Vernor Elementary School.

I wonder if the Gnome Mobile is sitting in a garage somewhere waiting for someone to find it. If anyone works at Vernors and sees this please bring back the Gnome Mobile so a new generation of Vernor lovers can enjoy it.

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