Remember the hazy days that West Michigan experienced in the late spring and summer of 2023? Well, it looks like those could be returning.

The 2023 haziness was caused by wildfires that were burning in Canada, and sadly, wildfires have popped up again.

In fact, our friends over in Wisconsin and Minnesota have already had air quality advisories issued.

Will the Canadian Wildfire Smoke Reach West Michigan?

So far, the smoke has not reached Michigan, but FOX-17 chief meteorologist Kevin Craig says that it definitely could.

Thankfully, according to Kevin,

the extent of the Canadian fires are not nearly as bad as they were last year (yet), some higher concentrations of smoke are already showing up to our west.

Kevin's latest forecast models show that the smoke could be in West Michigan starting Tuesday, May 14 around midnight. But, the concentrations do not appear to be as high as they were in the summer of 2023.

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You can check out Kevin's full forecast model and his thoughts on what West Michigan will see on FOX-17's website.

Where Are the Canadian Wildfires of 2024 Located?

Google Maps/
Google Maps/

So far in 2024, wildfires are occurring in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba, with the majority being in British Columbia and Alberta, according to ABC News. The ones in Manitoba are the ones that are geographically closest to Michigan.

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If you look at the active fire map that Kevin Craig included in his article, there are also fires currently burning in the western United States.

Do Wildfires Happen in Michigan?

Sadly, yes. Michigan is home to a lot of forest land, and depending on the conditions, wildfires can happen. That's why it's important to note when burn bans are in effect in your area.

In 2023, a wildfire occurred on Michigan's Isle Royale that burned 200 acres of forest land.

How Can You Help Prevent Wildfires?

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash
Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

Smokey has been telling us for years that only WE can prevent forest fires, and it's pretty true. Sure, some wildfires can be sparked by lightning, but the National Parks Service says that right around 85% of wildfires are caused by humans.

Some of the ways that you can help prevent wildfires, according to the American Red Cross include

  • Make sure that you set up campfires in open areas away from anything flammable.
  • Make sure to completely douse campfires after use.
  • Dispose of used matches and cigarette butts in a vessel with water in it, and not having fires or using fireworks on windy days.

This is, sadly, just the beginning of wildfire season. So, while West Michigan may not see much in the way of wildfire smoke this time around, we could potentially see more between now and October.

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