There are probably a lot of arguments that go on in your home over the winter. The thermostat, right? It's too hot, it's too cold, and maybe it's just right.

You're yelling "I'm freezing over here." Someone else is yelling "I'm sweating my you know what off." Is a divorce coming? The kids are disowning you. Yikes, what are we to do.

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First of all you need to strive for peace in the house. Surely you can come to some sort of a "meet in the middle" compromise by figuring out what is the best temperature to keep your house. What to the heating experts say?

There is an answer to that the experts say. This may fit you and your family or not, but the optimal temperature to keep you home in the winter is.....drumroll please.....68 degrees! This is according to the website

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Now this 68 degrees for the house is for when you are actually home, of course. It is suggested that you lower it by 3 or 4 degrees for when you are away from the home, and at night.

We have the Nest programmable thermostat in our house and when it doesn't detect anyone around it automatically lowers the thermostat and it may drop to 62 degrees. To me that's perfect sleeping weather, all snuggled under some cozy blankets.

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You know what else you're doing? Saving energy and money. The less work your furnace has to do in burning fuel the lower your heating bill will be.

Win, win!

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