While the threat of nuclear war is not as prevalent as in the Cold War days, the national agency tasked with disaster preparedness still wargames and keeps a tally of potential target sites for nuclear strikes across the nation.

There are roughly 25 places in Michigan FEMA suspects would be targets of a foreign adversary.

The map the agency worked on along with the National Resources Defense Council and the journal Medicine and Global Survival shows potential targets both in a scenario where an enemy would launch 500 warheads or a larger 2000 warhead strike.

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fema nuclear strike map
FEMA via Reddit

On the map above the purple diamonds are the likely targets in a 500 warhead strike while the black dots are the secondary targets in a 2000 warhead strike.

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The first and obvious item that pops out is, likely unsurprisingly, the targets are the largest metropolitan areas. There are more than a dozen target locations in the Detroit area. That target zone would not only include the large population of the region but the automotive manufacturing and know-how.

Away from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Saginaw and Flint are more easily identifiable targets.

There are a few interesting locations in the 'black dot' 2000 strike scenario. Looking along the Lake Michigan shore in the southwest corner of the state - are those locations St Joseph/Benton Harbor and South Haven or, more likely, the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgeman and Palisades Nuclear Plant in Covert.

The only strike location in northern Michigan is likely the Camp Grayling military instillation. There are no envisioned strike targets in the Upper Peninsula.

See the full national map here via Reddit.

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