Anyone who has driven around Michigan would recognize the signs for US 12, US 10 and Interstate 94. They are well known, well traveled routes in the Lower Peninsula. They once all crossed paths in Detroit.

Incredibly, these highways once met some 1150 miles from Detroit in Montana. This decades-old photo was recently shared to Facebook. It shows I-94, US 12 and US 10 all sharing pavement in the Big Sky Country.

The image above wouldn't exist today. US 10 was truncated to be much shorter than it was when the photo was taken. The other highway on the post, US 312 no longer exists.

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In Michigan, I-94 and US 12 cross three times - in Dearborn, Ypsilanti and New Buffalo. The highways cross several other times on the path west. They meet again in Chicago, and run roughly parallel to each other between Madison, Wisconsin in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

US 10 no longer runs to the Detroit area. It was truncated back to Bay City. But the remnants of US 10 exist as M-10 - the Lodge Freeway which connects to both US 12 and I-94.

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US 10's run west still crosses I-94 in both Wisconsin and Minnesota now ends near Fargo, North Dakota at I-94.

It's interesting to think of these three highways with Michigan route end up crisscrossing so many times across America.

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