The Michigan primary in February 2024 is the first of what will be three statewide voting dates in Michigan. Part of the voting process in showing your state ID to poll workers.

Did you encounter any issue with the ID scanner not working for you? If you recently got a new ID from the Secretary of State, there's a good chance that happened.

The state recently began issuing new IDs and will phase all Michiganders over to the new ID as old ones expire. The February 2024 primary is the first with the new IDs. The state says

Michigan's new driver's licenses and IDs with higher security features are now in circulation. Residents will receive the new license or ID if applying for their first card or when renewing/replacing their current card. There is no additional cost for the new card and all valid features, designations, and endorsements on a current license or ID will transfer to the new one.

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Michigan Holds Its Primary Election
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Voters at the polls have reported issues with precinct workers being able to scan the IDs. This report from a Reddit user:

New licenses not scanning when voting.
byu/mth2nd inMichigan

Others chimed in with similar experiences and an explanation.

Early Voting Begins In Michigan Ahead Of Primary
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The new license doesn't have the magnetic strip so all swiping tech currently won't be able to read it. It's been a problem at the bank and it feels like they didn't tell anyone this was happening. It's probably going to cause issues for at least six months until everyone gets the new tech for them. Our bank said a year.

How do you know if you have a newer style ID? Look for the Mackinac Bridge, if you see the bridge on your ID, it's the older style. Newer IDs feature the state seal and not the iconic bridge.

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