You're busy. Everyone's busy. No one would think twice about having a quick snack or even a fast food meal in their car. But is that legal? In some parts of Michigan there are laws on the books prohibiting eating in cars. But are they ever enforced.

The question came up recently after an ancient 'No Eating in Cars - City Ordinance' sign was discovered in Detroit and shared to Reddit.

Interesting old sign I found.
byu/BingoxBronson inDetroit

The uploader found the sign in the Elmwood Park neighborhood. The sign was an engaging find not only due to is clearly old age but also the oddball law its referring to.

Those who saw the post commented on several other signs, generally in restaurant parking lots, that have similar prohibitions.

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One can be seen on the rear of Bates Burgers in Livonia with a similar prohibition - No Eating in Cars.

bates burgers livonia - no eating in cars
Google Maps Street View

One intrepid Reddit researcher found minutes from a Livonia Planning Commission meeting dating back to 1969 that discussed a permit for a new McDonald's restaurant and touched on if patrons would be allowed to eat in cars since the practice is prohibited by city ordinance.

The Actual Wording to Detroit's No Eating in Cars Ordinance

So the Detroit-area ordinances about eating in cars are more, perhaps, about loitering rather than driving a car while dining. This is the verbiage of the Detroit ordinance that does seem to still be on the books (our emphasis added):

Food consumption upon the premises outside the restaurant building shall be prohibited, and, where deemed advisable by the enforcing official to assure compliance with this prohibition, the premises shall be properly posted with signs stating that the consumption of foods, frozen desserts, or beverages within vehicles parked upon the premises is unlawful and that violators are subject to fines as prescribed by law. Such signs shall be posted within the building near the checkout counter of the restaurant and also within the parking area so as to be clearly visible from all vehicles on the premises.

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So move along with your takeout food or be subject to a fine. Wonder if anyone has ever been charged under this ordinance or is this, perhaps, Michigan's most ignored law?

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