It's just a quarter, right? 25 cents in pocket change that you may slip mindlessly into a vending machine. But coin collectors around Michigan are searching their coins for these rare bicentennial quarters.

It's interesting in and of itself that quarters that were produced in the mid-1970s, going on 50 years ago, are still in circulation. However, some of these Bicentennial Quarters are now worth well more than their face value.

The quarters feature a Colonial-era drummer on the tail of the coin with the familiar George Washington on the heads.

A silver proof version of the coin sold for auction for $19,000, Yahoo Finance reports that other silver versions of the coin also go for big value.

It's important to note that the high-value coins were intended for collectors rather than general circulation. The silver coins were minted at San Francisco rather than the common coins minted in Philadelphia or Denver.

The quarter is not the only coin that had a special edition minted for the 1976 bicentennial. The Kennedy half-dollar featured Independence Hall while the Eisenhower Dollar featured the Liberty Bell superimposed over the moon.

America 250 Coins Are Coming for 2026

If you like to collect coins you likely have the special 1976 coins. Get ready for 2026 when America celebrates 250 years since its founding. That year the US Mint will again redesign coins for this commoration. The mint will also re-release several coins from the county's history and is asking for input on which coins should get reminted.

In 2026, the U.S. Mint will commemorate the 250th anniversary of our nation’s founding with redesigned circulating coins as part of the Semiquincentennial Coin Program. The Mint will redesign both the obverse and reverse sides of each circulating coin, including up to five different quarter designs

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Gallery Credit: Bethany Adams