Travelling though an unfamiliar place can put you on edge. Imagine that location is heavily industrial with hulking empty building and not much, if any, sign of life. That might quickly raise your anxiety quotient.

That is the scenario shared by a poster on the Detroit forum of Reddit. Here's how the encounter is described.

One morning I was driving by and I witnessed a car with all blacked out windows driving slowly in front of me really close to the side of the building. When I got closer to the car I saw what I thought was a person. Jump out of the car and run and disappear into the trees on the side of the road right next to the building. I thought it was a person but the way it moved so fast it was too fast to be a person. It was tall like a person but what I saw was just an all black skinny shadow. It looked like it jumped out of the car into the building. After I saw this the car sped away. As I passed the spot where I saw it jump into there. There was nothing but I got a very unsettling feeling.

The OP pegs the location somewhere off of Groesbeck between State Fair Avenue and 8 Mile.

Playing along Google Maps Street View, a block this this one on State Fair Ave west of Hoover would give the vibes described in the encounter:

state fair ave detroit
Google Maps Street View

The phenomenon of Shadow People fits largely with the description of the encounter: Lanky shadowy image moving unnaturally or with superhuman speed. The bit that may not fit is jumping out of the car as Shadow People aren't generally associated with needed an Uber to get around.

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It's a great ghost story none the less.

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