On this day, 10 years ago, the world was treated to an incredible football matchup. The No. 14 Notre Dame Fighting Irish traveled northeast to play the No. 17 Michigan Wolverines in the Big House.

The environment was electric. Primetime between two bitter rivals jockeying for position in the Top 25 polls. Michigan went into halftime with a 27-13 lead.

While the Wolverines schemed a way to put the Irish away in the second half, halftime was set to feature a quick interview with Detroit legend Eminem to tease his new song Berzerk.

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What unfolded was one of the funniest, purest Eminem moments in the history of rap music, college football and television history.

The duality of legendary play-by-play commentator Brent Musburger keeping his composure to deliver a professional collection of words while Kirk Herbstreit is losing his mind as Eminem has clearly transcended his own will never not be hilarious.

Slim panning his eyes across the stadium, mouth agape clueless to Musberger's questions became such a perfectly meme-able moment in time.

After one rather generic question following the music video tease, ESPN sent the interview to a commercial break. When they return, Eminem is a bit more composed, but still willing to give the commentators a hard time. After Musberger awkwardly continued to refer to the legendary rap artist by his actual last name, Eminem shut down Herbstreit's question about what Mathers was most excited about with his upcoming album release with a blunt "Nothing".

Then the Detroit Lions came up, as Musberger asked if the Lions would win its season opener against the Minnesota Vikings and cover the 4.5-point spread. Em predicted a win for his Lions, which they did. The Lions beat the Vikings 34-24 to open the 2013 NFL season, covering the spread and then some.

Ultimately, Marshall Mathers had fooled the guys in the truck, who believed he was legitimately nervous. According to Sports Illustrated via MLive, Eminem was really just messing around. Whether he was under the influence of any greenery wasn't explicitly reported, but Eminem was at least aware of what he was doing.

In any event, it's hard to believe this happened 10 years ago. But, Eminem is still putting out great music, the Wolverines are back as national contenders and the Lions are hyped like never before. Who could have really seen all of that coming back in 2013?

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