Everyone has a favorite Chinese restaurant they swear by. There are several different ways Chinese restaurants are presented, which help split the masses on what makes for a good Chinese restaurant. Some people like buffets, others like take-out spots, and then there are those who appreciate a fine dining experience with gourmet Chinese cuisine.

If you ask me, there's no wrong way to do it. It doesn't even need to be Chinese food, Asian cuisines are the best. I love trying new Asian restaurants everywhere I go, and so my eyes really perked up when I saw a list of the best Chinese restaurants in every state. I had to see which restaurant in Michigan would be given the honor.

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Love Food curated the list, naming what they believed to be the single best Chinese restaurant in all 50 states. Michigan's choice, to no true surprise, is in Detroit - though controversially, maybe not in a "Chinatown", which may or may not exist.

Regardless, the honor was given to The Peterboro, a modern spin on Americanized Chinese cuisine with a laid-back atmosphere and flowing drinks.

It's the kind of place where you can just stop in for drinks, enjoy a light meal with friends or have a quality date night. The versatility of the restaurant appears to be very inviting.

Calling the menu Americanized Chinese food is really underselling it. Most Chinese restaurants "Americanize" their menus to a degree to give patrons what they'd expect Chinese food to be. At The Peterboro, they infuse and experiment with both American and Chinese classic dishes, combining them in interesting and unique ways.

For more information on the restaurant visit their website here.

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