Turns out, the Detroit Lions are indeed good at football. Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season began with the Lions going into Arrowhead Stadium and upending the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in a well-earned 21-20 victory.

Step one for the Lions living up to the hype is in the books. Now the whole league is on notice that Detroit is looking to live up to its expectations and then some.

In an article last week I joked about a Super Bowl matchup between the Lions and the New York Jets, but after last Thursday, who knows? The NFL is always full of surprises and it looks like it's finally the Lions' turn to be on the positive end of those surprises.

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A Super Bowl is always one of those "believe it when I see it" things for many Detroit fans, and maybe rightfully so. With that being the case, some fans and brands are willing to offer up a chance to do something drastic in the event that the unthinkable becomes reality.

That's where Blake's Hard Cider Company comes in. Blake's, a Michigan-based hard cider mill, announced on social media Thursday before the Lions' big win that if Detroit simply reached the Super Bowl, they'd unveil a brand new cider with some legendary branding.

That's right, bring on the Detroit Lines in hard cider form!

Okay, you're really in uncharted territory if you don't know the story of the Lions' unquestionably best alternative logo. But here's a refresher if you need it and a trip down memory lane for those who know.

Even better, Blake's wants the public's help to determine the cider's flavor, so be sure to find them on social media to let your voice be heard.

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