A very famous Michigan city (to Michiganders that is), was just ranked the most underrated in all of the United States.

So, who owns the title for most underrated in Michigan?

Pure Northern Michigan Love

It's not a shock that Traverse City, Michigan, made the list for the most underrated city here in the United States.

Photo by Gray Matter on Unsplash
Photo by Gray Matter on Unsplash

This list was put together by Readers Digest, and said "Instead of Chicago, try Traverse City, Michigan."

Why Traverse City, Michigan?

If you're not from Michigan or have never been, Traverse City is a beautiful town in Northern Michigan, that should be a must-stop if it's not on the to-do list for your next summer vacation.

Photo by Brian Beckwith on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Beckwith on Unsplash

The city's claim to fame lies in its lush vineyards and wine scene. Traverse City is one of the fastest-growing wine regions in the country, producing some of the finest wines around.

Let's not forget about those delicious cherries that we see coming out of the Traverse City area. On top of that too, Traverse City, is only a short distance away from the Mackinaw Bridge. So the next time you head up north, definitely consider this destination a must-stop.

Other Underrated Locations in The U.S.

A few other midwestern states got so lucky to make the list as the most underrated in the country as well. See those below, here:

  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky

Do you agree Traverse City is an underrated town? Open the app, and send us pictures from your last trip to Traverse City.

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