Ohio is a place all its own. Anything can happen down there!

The only time you'll ever catch me in Ohio is when I'm getting my thrills down at Cedar Point. I hate to admit it, but its the only halfway decent amusement park within close driving distance to Michigan.

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Sorry, Michigan's Adventure; The Corkscrew just doesn't do it for me anymore.

It goes without saying, but Cedar Point's Millennium Force is where it's at! To be fair, I'm "remembering all the hype when Millennium Force first opened" years old. That was the rollercoaster; visitors would run to Millennium Force the moment Cedar Point opened their gates for the day.

The ride is so popular in fact, that even ducks wanna hop on for a ride!

Fox19News via YouTube
Fox19News via YouTube

That's what happened earlier this week when visitors to the Sandusky, Ohio amusement park noticed a duck tucked behind the back seat of one of the cars on the coaster.

And yes, both a Cedar Point spokesperson and fellow riders confirmed the duck was there for the entire duration of the ride. That coaster reaches peak speeds of 93 miles per hour! Is that safe?

Probably not.

According to a Reddit post, after the ride returned to the station one of the fellow riders removed the duck from behind the seat. A Cedar Point spokesperson told Gray Media,

it appears a guest immediately went to take the duck while people were getting off the ride before the maintenance team arrived to help.

The duck was then taken to guest services and will soon be sent to a less thrilling, super calm wildlife rehabilitation center. Hope the ride was everything it's quacked up to be!

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