Something's going down at KFC in West Michigan, particularly in Three Rivers, and I want some answers!

Members of the Three Rivers, Michigan Area Information group on Facebook will know the struggle with KFC is real-- it's been going on for years now! Scroll through the group on any given day and your feed will no doubt be filled with "Why is KFC closed?" posts.

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Now, it seems as though the rumors may be true. Did KFC Three Rivers, MI really close for good? Unfortunately, it turns out this closure might be bigger than we thought.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Local Closings

There's been a lot of rumors and hearsay floating around, but I don't think it gets any more legit than this: according to the official Facebook page for KFC Three Rivers, MI the location is permanently closed.

To add another nail in the coffin, the Three Rivers location has been removed from the official KFC website. I think it's safe to assume the fryers have fried their final thigh for the last time.

But Wait, There's More!

In addition to the Three Rivers restaurant, group member Karra Bailey added,

Yes it’s closed for good as well as the one in kazoo on gull road and one other kfc by Grand Rapids

Wait....Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids too?!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Unfortunately, it appears Karra is correct as the only Kalamazoo location listed on is store #5822 on S. Westnedge. I'm not sure which location near Grand Rapids Karra was referencing, but there are 2 locations listed for GR and 2 for Kentwood.

As fellow group member Robert Sloaman commented,

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape KFC cuz they heard the doors were closing

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