While online shopping in Michigan has become a convenient way to get our clothes, toiletries, and food going into a store is still a preferred way to get our goods especially when we need something last minute. But, several major stores in Michigan have recently announced 24-hour closures that will make last-minute shopping less convenient.


Michigan Stores Closing For 24-Hour Blackout Shopping Period

Most department and grocery stores are open for our convenience in Michigan 7 days a week. Several are also open during the holidays, which helps if you need a last-minute gift or forget you need an item for your holiday meal. However, more companies have decided to observe holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to allow employees to spend time with their families and enjoy the holidays. And more companies are choosing to observe another holiday as well.

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Since many people have the day off for a holiday, some of us are looking to head to our favorite retailer to shop. But if you're looking for a new outfit for the holiday, some last-minute additions to Easter dinner, or some candy for an Easter egg hunt, it's a good idea to plan on getting those items before the holiday. While closing on Easter is not new, many businesses have recently changed their policies to close their doors for 24 hours to observe the holiday. Some stores will also be open but may have limited hours so it's best to call before you go. And check the list below of stores that will be closed completely on Easter Sunday.

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9 Stores In Michigan Closed On Easter

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13 Items Michigan Goodwills Will Not Accepts As Donation

These items are generally not accepted by Michigan's Goodwill stores.

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